Branding or SEO for your domain?

One of the most common questions that people ask marketing experts is about how to choose the right kind of domain name for their business. This can be a hard question to answer, but the best strategy is based on the main goal with the business. If you have a website...

Looking for the best domain purchase

Domain purchases have become quite popular even for people that already have a domain of their own. The use of several domains for the same website is a good strategy to implement because you will increase your SEO power by having several domains that have your niche...

The best domain names

The domain name availability has seen a critical point in the last decade and that is the reason why so many extensions are being created to get rid of this problem. There is virtually no way to find any .com extension that is shorter than 5 letter without paying...

Domain hosting

When you are looking to start a new business online, you need to think of the domain name before you do anything else. This is the name that people are going to see when they enter your website between the www and the extension name (.com, .net, .org, etc). The...

Understanding basic website hosting

The best website hosting packages are usually the ones that offer plenty of flexibility in case you are planning to upgrade your website in the future. Keep in mind that affordable hosting comes with some drawbacks. The main problem is that once your website reaches a...

What is website hosting?

Some people think that owning a domain name online is all they need in order to be able to build a website, but the domain name is just that, a name for a website, blog or forum, but you need hosting in order to build any of those things. You can think of website...

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